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Terms And Conditions

I hereby declare that all details in this personal statement are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. And also the aforesaid health related details are based on my medical report and health status. I fully understand that I will be exposed to undergo physical training in order to attain fitness level necessary to run the Half/ Full/ Ultra Marathon.

I further declare that I am capable of undergoing the proposed physical training for the Half/Full/Ultra Marathon and will be solely responsible for my decision of undergoing the training. In case of any health related issues or otherwise, and in case of any health related problem arising I shall not hold RunIndiaRun/ Single Point HR Solutions(India) Private Limited their partners OR the coach or any other person OR entity liable and responsible.

I have got my medical check up done from a Doctor who has certified that I am physically & mentally fit to Undergo Training for Half/Full/Ultra Marathon.

I grant full permission to RunIndiaRun/ Single Point HR Solutions(India) Private Limited for using my Training & Running related Photographs/videos /success stories/achievements for their marketing & promotion across all mediums .

I also agree & accept that the Training Fees are Non Refundable/ Adjustable in any situation or circumstances.